General Director of "Ochakovo"company

Vitaliy Yu. SEMENOV

”Heading the “Ochakovo” Automobile Transport Company”
for more than 9 years I could
safely say that we have some records to pride upon”

Address: 47”A”, B. Ochakovskaya, Moscow, 119361, Russia

Tel.: 7 (095) 748 52 55

Fax: 7 (095) 748 52 44

E-mail: [email protected]


About Company

Legal name: ZAO “Transport firm “Ochakovo”

Legal status: Closed stock company

Year of foundation: 1978

General Director:
Mr. Vitaliy Yu. SEMENOV

Year of registration: 1992

Tax Registration #: 7729090781

Shareholders: 100 % employee stock ownership

Number of employees: 700

Marketing position: One of the biggest transport companies in Moscow

Main fields of activity:

·      Passenger transportation by taxi, shuttles and minibuses.

·      Automobile repair of domestic and foreign cars.

·      Selling of brand new and used cars.

·      Selling of automobile spare parts and accessories



Founded in 1978 as a state run taxi company, the company shows dynamic progress, following market demands. In 1992 the company was transformed and registered as a closed stock company “Transport firm “Ochakovo” with 100 % employee stock ownership.

At our “Ochakovo” company we offer a wide range of automobile services.

The company has about 200 taxis in the fleet, including cars, minibuses, shuttles and limousines.

In our service center we offer auto repair, tune-ups, diagnostics, collision repair, maintenance services, oil and lube change.

Our shops sell spare parts and all kind of accessories for domestic and foreign cars.

The company is an authorized dealer of AUTOTOR company (which produces KIA cars in Russia) and Nissan. We have two auto salons selling new cars (KIA and Nissan) and one salon selling all kinds of used cars.

Dynamic development of the company promotes to pay taxes to budget of Moscow as well as of Russia; modernization helps to create additional work places. More and more attention is focused on social support of employees and shareholders.


We are open to cooperation

«OCHAKOVO» company is open for cooperation with Russian and foreign organizations in the fields of our activity.

«OCHAKOVO» is seeking cooperation with foreign companies and private persons, willing to invest in automobile business in Russia.

«OCHAKOVO» is seeking for partnership with foreign automobile trade companies and ready to represent their interests in Russian Federation

We are ready to examine any constructive proposal.

Please contact our senior manager Yuri S. BATUEV
telephone: 7 (095) 430 00 87.